About Us

Just you And me Designs aims to create beautiful, well crafted products that will make you smile.  

We are Justina and Andrea (the Just and the And from our name - see what we did there), two mothers from Yorkshire who love sewing and crafting. 

Our hectic lives mean we're often looking for a way to unwind, and a good making session perks us right up.  With years of sewing under our belts (too many to admit to anyway) ta dah, our business was born.

In Hull there is a wonderful haven for dogs, Dogs Playpark (www.dogsplaypark.co.uk).  That's where it all started.  We made doggy accessories and gifts for those who love dogs.   We've expanded our range and the places we sell, but we still have the passion we started with.

Please browse our products, and don't hesitate to get in touch if there's something we can create especially for you.

All of our items are hand made to order, so please allow us a few days to make you item for you.  We want you to be as excited about opening a parcel from us as we are about making it for you.

Thank you very much for your support.

Andrea and Justina